We need volunteers for the Kindle version

After zillion of requests for the Kindle version and two unsuccessful attempts to automatically produce good looking Kindle version we are working on third attempt for more readable and relatively good looking kindle version of the book.

And we will need your help. We are looking for volunteers with Kindle devices that are willing to test the mobi files on their devices. What we would expect from you is a detailed feedback of the issues that you have notices plus photos of the pages that are looking odd or unreadable. So if you want to get a test kindle version of the book for free read the requirements.

– You need to have working physical Amazon Kindle reader.
– You need to have a device with photo camera with which you can make sharp images of the pages that look wrong
– (More-then-nice-to-have) Paper or the PDF version of the book with which you can compare the Kindle version.

If you meet the requirements write us an email at slaff@linux-bg.org
– With subject “Learn ZF2 Kindle”
– In the email provide information about the version of Amazon Kindle that you have
– Attach a photo of your device (try to take a photo of some open text in your Kindle and try to make it as sharp and readable as possible).
– (More-then-nice-to-have) If you have the paperback version: Attach a photo of the last internal page of the book (on the bottom of this page there is information saying where the book was printed and a barcode).

We will compile the list of the approved testers and we will notify you and send you the files.

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