“This splendid little book is exactly what a ZF2 noob needs to get over the hump” *

If you are still wondering which Zend Framework 2 book to buy, then check David Mintz’s review of “Learn ZF2”.  He has done marvelous job in explaining it all and his review is one of the most helpful reviews of a technical book that I have read recently.

“Learn ZF2 is a relatively slim, tutorial-style book rather one that tries to be a comprehensive, 800+ page reference weighing 10 kilos — good news for Luddites who still like to carry paper around with them. Author Slavey Karadzhov does an admirable job of explaining, step by step, a system that is undeniably complex — and manages to do so with few if any forward references to things that have yet to be introduced.”

“…the text and code examples, my understanding of Zend Framework 2 has already advanced by orders of magnitude. This is exactly what I needed to get over the hump. Learn ZF2 is a splendid little book, and an excellent choice for web developers who want to learn this powerful and elegant framework.”
* The title of this news is taken from David’s review.

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