The Kindle version is official!

We are happy to announce the release of the Kindle version of the book “Learn ZF2”. Thanks to our volunteers we can now satisfy one of the most common request that we had since the book went public. You can buy it from all major Amazon web shops and enjoy reading it on your Kindle device. And if you bought already the paperback version from then we prepared a small surprise for you. You will be given the option to buy the Kindle version for a fraction of the price and enjoy all new updates in the book. The book isn’t DRM protected and you will be able to lend to it to a friend for two weeks.

Enjoy the Kindle version and we are waiting for your feedback!

2 thoughts on “The Kindle version is official!

    1. Amazon has a program called MatchBook. And here is some clarification from the Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing(KDP) support guys.

      ” I confirmed your book is successfully enrolled in our Matchbook promotion, and our website is showing the banner with the promotion. Keep in mind the MatchBook banner only appears when customers can still make their first purchase of a book, it won’t show up if you’re already bought the kindle edition. At this time, titles enrolled in the Kindle MatchBook program will be available only from

      The people who purchased the physical version will be able to see the discounted price ($2) on the website, as long as they are logged in with the same account that they used to buy your physical book.”

      “The Matchbook deal for your Kindle title, will only apply to customers within the US.
      When you are logged in to your Amazon account and view the website, it will not give you the option to purchase Kindle titles on the Kindle Store.”

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