Plans for Zend Framework 3

Matthew Weier O’Phinney, the Zend Framework (ZF) Project Leader, announced the plans for the upcoming Zend Framework 3. Some of the things that are in the pipeline for Zend Framework 3 are:

  • Separating components into individual, versioned projects. This enables broader re-use and higher velocity of innovation.
  • Strong emphasis on HTTP messages, with Matthew leading the PSR-7 specification.
  • Updating our existing full-stack MVC framework to depend on the newly independent components for better reuse and simplicity. ZF2 MVC applications will have a documented upgrade path to ZF3 requiring minimal changes.
  • Embracing middleware runtime patterns as a lighter weight alternative to the enterprise MVC framework stack.
  • Enabling Apigility to work as a middleware stack, for better performance and simplicity, with the same streamlined, powerful user experience.
  • Optimizing for PHP 7, but supporting PHP 5.5 onwards.

In addition Andi Gutmans said: “The community has been looking for clear direction and we are giving it. “.

Stay tuned for more details and examples on the future Zend Framework 3.

2 thoughts on “Plans for Zend Framework 3

    1. Hi Brad, an actual update should result in Learn ZF2++ or Learn ZF3 book and we are thinking about it. Which are the areas from ZF3 that would be most interesting to you?

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