How to Prepare for Zend Framework 2 Certification

It seems that during the summer months a lot of Zend Framework 2(ZF2) users are preparing for ZF2 Certification exam. We received couple of questions related to this and we would like to share with you our recommendations and some insider news.

The ZF2 Certification covers the following major topics: Service Manager, Authentication and Authorization, Utility, MVC, Forms, Web Services, Performance, Security, Module Manager, Internationalization, Database and Event Manager. Which is a pretty broad spectrum and will require a lot of time to study thoroughly.

If you want to reduce that time we would recommend you to do the following steps in the same order as given below:

      Read “Learn ZF2” to understand how the different components in ZF2 are working and how to use them. Make sure that you have read all chapters and understood everything. This step is a must. All readers of the book, that we know of, who took the test also passed the exam. Even people that read the book the night before the exam.
      If you plan to take the exam after October, this year. Then read also the ZF2 Study Guide. Zend is working hard on finishing the ZF2 Study Guide and as far as I am allowed to say, it is expected end of September, the latest. We will inform you as soon as it gets published officially.
      Read the online manual for the topics that are not covered in the book: Web Services, Utility, Internationalization. Read also the topics that were covered in the book, but look for tricky details like for example filtered characters in the name of service managers.

That and a bit of luck should be enough to pass the exam and become proud owner of a shiny ZF2 certificate.

Good luck!

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