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    In many cases it is difficult for a newbie to ascertain which file is being created or edited. In others it is difficult to determine if the code is just an example, or if it must be added to a file in our application.

    One example is the section on Views. Should the sample code at the bottom of page 51 be incorporated into a controller file? Which one? The Debug controller is still named “SkeletonController.php” and the Application controller “IndexController.php” doesn’t include the code in the example.

    Same goes for the first example code at the top of page 53. The highlighted lines are not included in the Application “module.config.php.” The highlighted code at the bottom of page 53 is not included in the Application “IndexController.php” file.

    The way these code snippets are presented makes it difficult to determine why my code produced by following the book doesn’t work. The git checkout ‘ch-views’ code works, but I can’t tell how that differs from the code I entered.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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