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    At several locations in the book the author directs the reader to enter a URL to perform a test. For example, on page 57, we’re directed to enter “http://localhost/user/account/add” to learn that we’re missing a view template.

    In Zend Studio uses the Zend Server, which listens to port 10088. However,
    entering “http://localhost:10088/user/account/add” results in a “Not Found” error. Same goes for “http://localhost:10088/learnzf2/user/account/add.”

    Any help on the proper URL for use with Zend Studio would be appreciated.

    This could be a problem with Zend Studio 10.5. When I select “index.php” from the PHP Explorer window, the Run As PHP Application, Zend Studio shows a 404 Not Found page for the URL “http://localhost:10088/learnzf2/public/index.php.” After deleting the trailing “index.php” from the URL window, the “Welcome to Training Center” page shows up as anticipated.



    What is the version of Zend Server that you are using? What Operating System?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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