Do you want presents for Christmas?

We are thinking about giving the new edition of “Learn ZF2”* for Christmas for less than 3 dollars**. Do you want to have one? If yes, then let us know by retweeting this news, liking us on our Facebook page (, or in Google Plus (

If we reach 60 likes and tweets then we will prepare the X-mas edition and we will start selling it three days before Christmas.
If ten days before Christmas we reach well over the 120 likes and tweets we will prepare a special giveaway for the paperback version 🙂

So if you want to get a copy of the book or give it as a present to a friend do not hesitate to like/retweet.

* The second edition in PDF format.
** the price is before tax and/or any commission(s) from the credit-card processing companies or any additional charges.

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