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“This splendid little book is exactly what a ZF2 noob needs to get over the hump” *

If you are still wondering which Zend Framework 2 book to buy, then check David Mintz’s review of “Learn ZF2”.  He has done marvelous job in explaining it all and his review is one of the most helpful reviews of a technical book that I have read recently.

“Learn ZF2 is a relatively slim, tutorial-style book rather one that tries to be a comprehensive, 800+ page reference weighing 10 kilos — good news for Luddites who still like to carry paper around with them. Author Slavey Karadzhov does an admirable job of explaining, step by step, a system that is undeniably complex — and manages to do so with few if any forward references to things that have yet to be introduced.”

“…the text and code examples, my understanding of Zend Framework 2 has already advanced by orders of magnitude. This is exactly what I needed to get over the hump. Learn ZF2 is a splendid little book, and an excellent choice for web developers who want to learn this powerful and elegant framework.”
* The title of this news is taken from David’s review.

Learn ZF2 is recommended from the Zend Framework Gods

If you haven’t seen these tweets take a look and see who is recommending the book:

Matthew Weier O’Phinney (ZF Project Lead – something like ZF2 God)

Evan Coury (ZF core dev team – sort of ZF2 semi-god)

Michelangelo van Dam (One of Europes’ most popular PHP evangelists)

Last chance to buy “Learn ZF2” X-Mas Edition

You have only two days left to buy the X-Mas PDF edition of “Learn ZF2”.
And this is your last chance this year to buy the book dirt-cheap and make a present to you and your friends.

You can buy the book from payhip( available in almost all countries ) or Google Play (limited number of countries, restricted PDF).

If you want you can also buy the paperback version of the book with 20% off directly from Amazon.

We wish you a HaPHPy New 2014!

Who wants a present for Christmas?

We are planning to make a present this Christmas to all developers out there. We will sell special X-Mas PDF version of the “Learn ZF2” book for as low as 0,99 dollars!!!

( If you do not want to wait for 21 of December you can buy right now the paper or PDF versions).

For that we will need your help. Here is the deal:
you join our page on Facebook, or our page on Google+ or tweet about the book using the #learnzf2 hash tag

Then {
we will do the following:
1. On 20th of December, 2013 we will calculate a number using the following formula:
X = (FacebookJoins) + (GooglePlusJoins)/2 + Tweets/4
2. If X
is between 500 and 1000 we will offer X-Mas edition of “LearnZF2” for 9,99 dollars.
is between 1001 and 5000 we will offer X-Mas edition of “LearnZF2” for 4,99 dollars.
is between 5001 and 9999 we will offer X-Mas edition of “LearnZF2” for 2,99 dollars.
>= 10000 we will sell the book dirt cheap for 0,99 dollars!!!!

The special version of the book will start selling on 21th December, 2013 until January, 2014.
Price = depending of the X
Quantity == X
With your help we can help a lot of people learn about Zend Framework 2 and its power!