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News related to the book, Zend Framework 2 or PHP.

Plans for Zend Framework 3

Matthew Weier O’Phinney, the Zend Framework (ZF) Project Leader, announced the plans for the upcoming Zend Framework 3. Some of the things that are in the pipeline for Zend Framework 3 are:

  • Separating components into individual, versioned projects. This enables broader re-use and higher velocity of innovation.
  • Strong emphasis on HTTP messages, with Matthew leading the PSR-7 specification.
  • Updating our existing full-stack MVC framework to depend on the newly independent components for better reuse and simplicity. ZF2 MVC applications will have a documented upgrade path to ZF3 requiring minimal changes.
  • Embracing middleware runtime patterns as a lighter weight alternative to the enterprise MVC framework stack.
  • Enabling Apigility to work as a middleware stack, for better performance and simplicity, with the same streamlined, powerful user experience.
  • Optimizing for PHP 7, but supporting PHP 5.5 onwards.

In addition Andi Gutmans said: “The community has been looking for clear direction and we are giving it. “.

Stay tuned for more details and examples on the future Zend Framework 3.

Updated version of “Learn ZF2”.

I am happy to announce that “Learn ZF2” has an updated version. The Kindle version is updated and published, soon to be followed by the paperback version (Amazon needs 3-7 days to update it in all stores), PDF and ePub versions.

This new version wouldn’t have been possible if it was not for the help, hints, recommendations and lines of code that our great contributors sent us. I would like to thank all of them: (in no particular order) Matt Comeione, Dmitry Oxman, Tim van Steenbergen, smozgur, Daniel Ventura, Matt X. Thanks a lot guys. You rock!

Zend Framework 2 is running on Intel Edison !

Intel Edison After some hours of compiling and tuning we are happy to announce that Zend Framework 2 and the Training Center application coming with the “Learn ZF2” book is running on an Intel Edison, which is an embedded computer the size of a postage stamp. Below are some screenshots to prove this.

Now nothing can stop us from wearing our Zend Framework 2 application or carrying it everywhere with us 🙂

New ZF2 Topics Are Coming

Some time ago we asked our readers what topics they would like us to cover, that were not covered in the “Learn ZF2” book. We got valuable feedback and thanks to it we started preparing some articles for the stuff that you are most interested. Starting from this week, actually from yesterday, we have new article that describes what view models are and how does the rendering works. The name of the article is “View Models and Rendering Demystified” and it will be followed by “Themes in ZF2 Application”, “One Action – Different Output Formats”, “Writing Command Line Apps In ZF2” and more. We are thinking about bench marking ZF2 and Symphony 2, but for that we will need the help of someone from the Symphony 2 community.

Happy reading of “View Models and Rendering Demystified”.
Visit our site often to be the first to read the other articles.

How to Prepare for Zend Framework 2 Certification

It seems that during the summer months a lot of Zend Framework 2(ZF2) users are preparing for ZF2 Certification exam. We received couple of questions related to this and we would like to share with you our recommendations and some insider news.

The ZF2 Certification covers the following major topics: Service Manager, Authentication and Authorization, Utility, MVC, Forms, Web Services, Performance, Security, Module Manager, Internationalization, Database and Event Manager. Which is a pretty broad spectrum and will require a lot of time to study thoroughly.

If you want to reduce that time we would recommend you to do the following steps in the same order as given below:

      Read “Learn ZF2” to understand how the different components in ZF2 are working and how to use them. Make sure that you have read all chapters and understood everything. This step is a must. All readers of the book, that we know of, who took the test also passed the exam. Even people that read the book the night before the exam.
      If you plan to take the exam after October, this year. Then read also the ZF2 Study Guide. Zend is working hard on finishing the ZF2 Study Guide and as far as I am allowed to say, it is expected end of September, the latest. We will inform you as soon as it gets published officially.
      Read the online manual for the topics that are not covered in the book: Web Services, Utility, Internationalization. Read also the topics that were covered in the book, but look for tricky details like for example filtered characters in the name of service managers.

That and a bit of luck should be enough to pass the exam and become proud owner of a shiny ZF2 certificate.

Good luck!

We will be covering new ZF2 topics.

We would like to give you more information about Zend Framework 2 for topics that were not covered in the “Learn ZF2” book. We will post that information as blog posts and eventually as additional content to the future versions of the book.

For that we will need your help. We have set up a survey where you can give your feedback. Slavey Karadzhov, who is internal Zend guy, will choose the best suggestions from your answers and forward them to Matthew, the ZF2 team leaders, for review.

You can take part in the survey by clicking on
this link

Share this link with fellow programmers so that we can get feedback from wider range of people.

New baby in town !

On the 1st of July my daughter Magdalena was born. She and mommy are doing fine, relaxing and preparing to watch the soccer finals in World Cup 2014. I will update this news later on to put some pictures from our baby.

That is also the reason why I was radio silent the last month. But now I have double the energy to continue helping the Zend Framework 2 and the PHP community. Actually there is also something else that I was working recently and you will get soon some more details about it. For now I will give you only one keyword – “cli”.

So visit the site often to keep informed about the new projects and the improvements that we’ve made together with the help of our contributors to the book.

“Learn ZF2” and PHP Conferences in May

This May you will have the chance to meet Slavey Karadzhov, the author of “Learn ZF2”, in two PHP conferences.

The first one will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia, Asia ( ) where he will be talking about writing clean code with ZF2. The second one will be the International PHP UnConference in Majorca, Spain, Europe (

If you happen to visit one of these conferences you will have the unique chance to meet Slavey face to face, have your copy of the book signed (or get one), talk with him about Zend Framework 2, PHP, programming and the universe.

How to find him? Well in the first conference he will be official speaker, so your chance to meet him is to visit his talk and stay in the room after it. For the second conference the task of finding him won’t be more challenging. The rumors say that he will be walking in the conference halls with big green elePHPant which one of the attendees will take home.