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PHP UnConference this weekend in Mallorca, Spain

This week Slavey Karadzhov will be visiting the PHP UnConference in Mallorca, Spain ( If you happen to be there too you can ask him to sign your copy of the “Learn ZF2” book, discuss with him very complicated issues that you have in Zend Framework 2 or ask him to try and present something useful for the ZF2 community as 45 minute session during the conference.

Hint: Look for a guy walking in the conference halls with big green elePHPant. That most probably will be Slavey and he will be giving the elePHPant to some of the attendees later in the conference.elePHPant

“Learn ZF2” and PHP Conferences in May

This May you will have the chance to meet Slavey Karadzhov, the author of “Learn ZF2”, in two PHP conferences.

The first one will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia, Asia ( ) where he will be talking about writing clean code with ZF2. The second one will be the International PHP UnConference in Majorca, Spain, Europe (

If you happen to visit one of these conferences you will have the unique chance to meet Slavey face to face, have your copy of the book signed (or get one), talk with him about Zend Framework 2, PHP, programming and the universe.

How to find him? Well in the first conference he will be official speaker, so your chance to meet him is to visit his talk and stay in the room after it. For the second conference the task of finding him won’t be more challenging. The rumors say that he will be walking in the conference halls with big green elePHPant which one of the attendees will take home.