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Do you want presents for Christmas?

We are thinking about giving the new¬†edition of “Learn ZF2”* for Christmas for less than 3 dollars**. Do you want to have one? If yes, then let us know by retweeting this news, liking us on our Facebook page (, or in Google Plus (

If we reach 60 likes and tweets then we will prepare the X-mas edition and we will start selling it three days before Christmas.
If ten days before Christmas we reach well over the 120 likes and tweets we will prepare a special giveaway for the paperback version ūüôā

So if you want to get a copy of the book or give it as a present to a friend do not hesitate to like/retweet.

* The second edition in PDF format.
** the price is before tax and/or any commission(s) from the credit-card processing companies or any additional charges.

The new version of “Learn ZF2” is here!

As of today the new version of the book “Learn ZF2” is released!

I would like to thank our editor Doug Bierer, our interior designer Jivko Gradinarov and our readers John Chadwick, David Mintz and Clark Everetts for their hard work and support. Without you guys this version would not have been possible. You really rock!

If you want to get the latest version right now you can get it as

iBook version

PDF version

ePub version

Kindle/Mobi version

Paperback version

Amazon needs 3 to 5 business days to publish the new version. So if you want to get the paperback version from there then visit the following link AFTER a week.

And last, but not least, we are preparing an  X-Mas edition, that will be sold dirt cheap Рfor approximately $2.50 (without tax). Plus we will be giving away 5 paperback copies. If you want to increase your chances to win a book start mentioning this news in Twitter, Facebook or your favourite social media application. We will publish more details about the giveaways  later this month, so check this site for updates.