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Zend Framework 2 on IBM i/AS400

We have a tip for you if you want to run the source code from the book on IBM i / AS400 machine. One of our readers, Sven Weiss, pointed out that the code doesn’t work out of the box on those systems. It is a known issue, caused by the different behavior of the glob PHP function on that platform. The fix is very simple. You have to edit the application config file located at: config/application.config.php and replace these lines

'config_glob_paths' => array(

with those:

'config_glob_paths' => array(
( !defined('GLOB_BRACE') ? getcwd().'/' : '').'config/autoload/{,*.}{global,local}.php',

We will try to provide a solution to the Zend Framework team, so that such a workaround is not needed in the future.

We will be covering new ZF2 topics.

We would like to give you more information about Zend Framework 2 for topics that were not covered in the “Learn ZF2” book. We will post that information as blog posts and eventually as additional content to the future versions of the book.

For that we will need your help. We have set up a survey where you can give your feedback. Slavey Karadzhov, who is internal Zend guy, will choose the best suggestions from your answers and forward them to Matthew, the ZF2 team leaders, for review.

You can take part in the survey by clicking on
this link

Share this link with fellow programmers so that we can get feedback from wider range of people.

New baby in town !

On the 1st of July my daughter Magdalena was born. She and mommy are doing fine, relaxing and preparing to watch the soccer finals in World Cup 2014. I will update this news later on to put some pictures from our baby.

That is also the reason why I was radio silent the last month. But now I have double the energy to continue helping the Zend Framework 2 and the PHP community. Actually there is also something else that I was working recently and you will get soon some more details about it. For now I will give you only one keyword – “cli”.

So visit the site often to keep informed about the new projects and the improvements that we’ve made together with the help of our contributors to the book.