Monthly Archives: February 2014

Abstract Factories in the new version of the book “Learn ZF2”

At the end of the previous week we have published a new paperback and electronic version of the book that contains a small chapter contributed from our reader Tomasz Racia. Thanks to his contribution and help you can now learn about Abstract Factories in Zend Framework 2 and when it makes sense to use them.
We are planning to add other small additions to the book in the coming months to keep it always up to date. If you have already bought the Kindle edition then you can enjoy all coming updates free of charge.
I would like to thank again Tomasz (hats down ) and all other contributors that are helping us give you the best Zend Framework 2 book on the market.

The Kindle version is official!

We are happy to announce the release of the Kindle version of the book “Learn ZF2”. Thanks to our volunteers we can now satisfy one of the most common request that we had since the book went public. You can buy it from all major Amazon web shops and enjoy reading it on your Kindle device. And if you bought already the paperback version from then we prepared a small surprise for you. You will be given the option to buy the Kindle version for a fraction of the price and enjoy all new updates in the book. The book isn’t DRM protected and you will be able to lend to it to a friend for two weeks.

Enjoy the Kindle version and we are waiting for your feedback!