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Last chance to buy “Learn ZF2” X-Mas Edition

You have only two days left to buy the X-Mas PDF edition of “Learn ZF2”.
And this is your last chance this year to buy the book dirt-cheap and make a present to you and your friends.

You can buy the book from payhip( available in almost all countries ) or Google Play (limited number of countries, restricted PDF).

If you want you can also buy the paperback version of the book with 20% off directly from Amazon.

We wish you a HaPHPy New 2014!

Learn ZF2: X-Mas Edition (on Google Play)

Yesterday we announced that you can start buying the X-Mas PDF Edition of “Learn ZF2”.
Unfortunately there is an issue with paypal and payhip for which we apologize.
We are working to resolve it but it seems that it will take more time then expected.
Therefore we decided to set up a backup option for you to buy the present before X-Mas and as an apology
we decided to put even lower price then the announced yesterday.

You can get your present from Google Play.

Sorry again for the caused inconvenience.

And Marry Christmas and haPHPy New 2014!

The presents are coming

For Christmas and New Year we will give presents to all developers out there!
Starting from 21st this month we will start selling special X-Mas PDF version of the book “Learn ZF2”. Our plan is to sell it for 2.25 dollars (if the latest stable version of Zend Framework 2 is 2.2.5). And with your support, retweeting this news with hashtag #learnzf2, joining our Facebook or Google+, we can start selling the X-MAS PDF version for as low as 0,99 cents. With your support we can help a lot of people learn about Zend Framework 2 and its power!

Meanwhile we started offering the print version of the book with 19% discount (

Stay tuned for more information on the official website:

Who wants a present for Christmas?

We are planning to make a present this Christmas to all developers out there. We will sell special X-Mas PDF version of the “Learn ZF2” book for as low as 0,99 dollars!!!

( If you do not want to wait for 21 of December you can buy right now the paper or PDF versions).

For that we will need your help. Here is the deal:
you join our page on Facebook, or our page on Google+ or tweet about the book using the #learnzf2 hash tag

Then {
we will do the following:
1. On 20th of December, 2013 we will calculate a number using the following formula:
X = (FacebookJoins) + (GooglePlusJoins)/2 + Tweets/4
2. If X
is between 500 and 1000 we will offer X-Mas edition of “LearnZF2” for 9,99 dollars.
is between 1001 and 5000 we will offer X-Mas edition of “LearnZF2” for 4,99 dollars.
is between 5001 and 9999 we will offer X-Mas edition of “LearnZF2” for 2,99 dollars.
>= 10000 we will sell the book dirt cheap for 0,99 dollars!!!!

The special version of the book will start selling on 21th December, 2013 until January, 2014.
Price = depending of the X
Quantity == X
With your help we can help a lot of people learn about Zend Framework 2 and its power!