Monthly Archives: November 2013

We will be next week at ZendCon Europe.

During ZendCon Europe, 2013, you will have different opportunities to win a copy of the “Learn ZF2” book or just to talk with us about Zend Framework 2. If you are attending the conference make sure to visit the Hackathon on Monday, 18th November, or come to the Zend booth before lunch on Wednesday, 20th November.

PHPUG Stuttgart: Zend Framework 2 introduction

If you are on Wednesday, 13th of November, 2013, near Stuttgart, Germany and would like to learn more about Zend Framework 2 make sure to drop by in the monthly PHP User Group Stuttgart. I will will introduce you Zend Framework 2 and the power that it has. You don’t have to register in advance and the entrance is free(but the space in the room is limited).

Our contributors

We are starting to give you more information about the people that helped us make “Learn ZF2” and improve it further. This is just the initial batch of contributors. These guys are really good in what they are doing and the word “professionals” will be too pale to describe them.

  • Doug Bierer – main creator of the Zend Framework 2 training courses, sci-fi book author and a loving husband. He can spot any typo in text or code from miles away.
  • Jivko Gradinarov – our graphical designer that can read thoughts and understands what you want in a book even before you start telling him.
  • Enrico Zimuel – core Zend Framework 2 contributor, great reviewer and a person that can tell you everything that you need about Italian music. He consulted us on sensitive topics like security and best practices.
  • Trent Peterson – a brave reviewer of the initial versions and our Zend Framework 2 evangelist in Illinois.
  • Clark Everetts – another brave reviewer of the initial version of the book. He used to read and review it when flying and I guess thanks to him some of the flight attendees may already know about “Learn ZF2”.

Thank you guys again for making “Learn ZF2” an awesome book!